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Andrew B. Myers
96 Larned Road
Summit, NJ  07901

A. B. Myers I bring together writing, editing and managing skills and experiences, plus some knowledge of Internet technology, communications and computer systems that enable me to write and publish on today's medium of choice: the Internet. The Internet is now part of everyone's life. I see my role as helping people use it in the easiest and most natural way.

In the past, I led publication teams in print and electronic media. I worked at daily newspapers, edited corporate newspapers and journals and held corporate public relations positions in media relations, speechwriting, event and project management. Over the years the tools of my trade evolved from the typewriter to the computer. Being at Bell Laboratories was a great stroke of luck for a writer in the 1970s, '80s and 90s. As a result I am now profficient in everything from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and FrontPage to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF Acrobat, Macromedia Homesite, Dreamweaver, Flash MX, Director and ColdFusion, Unix Shell, MKS Korn Shell, perl, cgi, javascript, HTML, vi, ed… These tools help me edit and manage electronic content in all forms.

My original training is in writing and editing. What changed everything for me was when I had the opportunity to create and lead the team that launched www.att.com, the first corporate Internet presence of what was then one of the largest companies in the world.

In 1998 after more than four years with the young and rapidly expanding AT&T site, I left AT&T to join PlanetConnect, an Internet startup company. Employed by PlanetConnect, I was contracted to Lucent Technologies, where I took over management of the internal and external websites for the company's Wireless Network unit. The Lucent contract expired in 2002, and I left the field, still keeping a hand in several web projects. In 2006 I joined Central Components Manufacturing. Within a few months I designed, developed and launched that company's first website, which I manage for almost two years. I was asked in 2007 to join a team at UnitedHealth Group as a content architect for customer web portals, a position I held for several years until outside competition edged out our internal team in 2012.

Sep. 2012–Present
Independent Web Architect and Designer, Beam Reach Productions, LLC.
Dec. 2007–Sep. 2012
User Experience Web Content Architect, UnitedHealth Group, Basking Ridge, NJ. Focusing on intranet site design for UHG business units.
Feb. 2006–Dec. 2007
Web Manager, Central Components Manufacturing, a small company in Middlesex, NJ, that previously did not have an Internet presence. See www.centralcm.com.
Oct. 2002–Jan. 2006
Web Manager. Managed several small websites, primarily to keep my web skills sharp and to keep pace with fast changing web technologies. See www.theelectones.com, www.geoffreymyers.com, www.abmyers.net, www.sfyacht.com [since retired, original version available], www.peoplesamendment.com [unpublished, early design stages].
Sept. 2002–Oct. 2002
Website Manager, PlanetConnect, Inc. After the Lucent contract ended, designed and built a website for the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation, www.redbankfestival.com [several design changes since 2002; original version available].
Managing Webmaster, Lucent Technologies Mobility Solutions, Marketing Communications. Manage intranet and Internet websites in support of Mobility Solutions. For the external Internet site, included keeping the site's major pages fresh and up to date, identifying the need for updates and replacement content sections, editing all pages, design and implementation of navigation, managing internal client websites, setting up systems to receive all visitor emails via the site and working with subject matter experts to handle inquiries, development of javascript functions, managing creation of Shockwave features, etc. Also has included: writing and implementing site strategy for a 300+page corporate website; production flow of new content; working with external clients on banner media; tracking site usage; weeding and replacing old pages and content; writing and editing all top level site pages; advice and consultation to content providers; creation or management of site features, virtual demos, etc.; consultation with outside designers, For the internal intranet site, included complete overhaul and redesign of a sprawling site (some 10,000 documents, pages or other assets) to create a new "portal" version; new navigation and template design; upgrading of pages and sub-sites; working with sub-site clients and content owners to upgrade sites to meet design specs; creation and enforcement of design specs; launching and management of site features and functions (search, online voting, surveys, chat rooms, etc.) by working with design and engineering group members; rewriting of all top-level site pages to meet new specs. Also included design and implementation of web pages for a very large number of streaming audio of events and training sessions. (Fulltime contract employee, via PlanetConnect, Inc.)
Managing Webmaster, AT&T Corporate Web Site, AT&T Corporate Public Relations. Management responsibility for AT&T corporate website; direct management of editorial and site managing team; shared management of technical support team. Identify content, edit content, design and implement navigation, manage client contacts, manage Web team, write/implement site strategy, content process flow, manage installation, create internal and external links, write and edit all top level pages; advice and consult content providers; consult with designers. Edit and write AT&T News Online, AT&T Speeches Online; create/write or contract corporate or cross-business unit pages and sites. (Salary Grade C)
Media Relations Manager, AT&T Corporate Media Relations. Initiate coverage and respond to media inquiries in various corporate areas including public policy, privacy, technology, crime and cross-business unit matters. (SG C)
PR Account Team Manager, AT&T Computer Systems. Support UNIX System Laboratories and Synchronous Terminals business units. Preside over spin-off of USL and sale of AT&T's synchronous terminal business to Memorex-Telex. (SG 8)
Speech Writer, AT&T International. Write speeches for AT&T International president and International Communications Services president and direct reports. Manage liaison and support for overseas PR managers in Asia, Europe and elsewhere. (SG 8)
Editor, AT&T Technical Journal, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Manage and edit bimonthly technical journal for AT&T technical community and selected external circulation; manage staff of three editors, one editorial assistant. (SG 7)
Special Projects Manager, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Handle writing and project management including executive speeches, annual reports, special reports, executive summaries, information plans, op-ed articles, feature articles, marketing brochures. (SG 7)
Editor, Bell Labs News, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Administer and edit weekly employee newspaper; manage staff of 4 writers and 3 professional support staff. (O Band)
Bell Operating Company Liaison, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Place speakers at BOC forums; place articles in BOC publications; arrange BOC/BTL meetings and visits; coordinate PR and other activities at BOCs. (N Band)
Media Relations Manager, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Write and market press releases; place articles in print and electronic media; arrange interviews with Bell Laboratories executives and technical staff; propose and arrange film and videotape segments and features on national and international media; respond to media inquiries. (N Band)
Staff Writer, Bell Labs News, AT&T Bell Laboratories. Write technical articles, features, news, executive interviews, etc. (L Band)
Reporter, Asbury Park Press. General assignment, municipal, county and state beats. County courthouse reporter covering criminal, civil and juvenile courts, county sheriff, county detectives. Also covered municipal, county and state politics. Manage courthouse editorial staff.
Independent Research. Completed manuscript of a non-fiction work based on U.S. Peace Corps experience.
Associated Editor, Long Lines Magazine, AT&T Long Lines. Research and write features for monthly employee magazine.
Reporter, Newark Evening News. General assignment; municipal beats; local politics; features.
U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Truk District, Micronesia. District center high school teacher (English, geography, mathematics, science). Founded student newspaper. Moved to outer island as grade school teacher and community development worker. Major activities included: teaching (grades 5, 6, 7), construction of a new school, formation of handicraft cooperative, various public health and community development projects.
Reporter, Newark Evening News. Worked summers and part-time on municipal beats, features, general assignment, crime and local politics.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, 1966, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. Major courses: journalism, English, psychology.

Professional Summary: Webmaster, publications, public relations, media relations, employee relations, marketing relations, writing, editing and managing a staff of professional and occupational employees. Skilled at translating technology for non-technical audiences, especially in areas of communications, information technologies, wireless networking, computing and software. Knowledge of UNIX System shell programming. Skilled in text formatting, desktop publishing, typesetting, print publication page design, layout, UNIX shell scripting, Microsoft networking, wireless networking, e-mail, file transfer, remote computing, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, DHTML, CGI and Perl script management, PHP scripting, MySQL database management, Web page design, animation, javascript, Web site organization and management, Web content publication, and Web navigation design. Tools include UNIX shell; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver.